Samsonite Luggage Repair

How and where to get your Samsonite Luggage repaired

Samsonite Luggage Repair

The Samsonite Corporation is a well known producer of a wide variety of luggage products.  Their products range from briefcases to large suitcases.  The company was created at Denver, Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder as the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company.  It was a successful company because it was dedicated to quality in all it's products.  One of the first trunks made by the company was called Samsonite to reflect its strength and sturdy construction.  In 1966 the name of the company was changed to Samsonite.

That name "Samsonite" gained a well deserved reputation for quality and durability in a business that was rough on it products.  The perils of traveling offer constant hazards to luggage.  Samsonite luggage is as durable as any but even this brand needs repair and maintenance from time to time so it is important to know procedures and policies involved in keeping your Samsonite luggage in good repair for those exciting exciting airline flights.

It is inevitable that sooner or later a piece of Samsonite luggage is going to require some maintenance.  The first step in the process is to contact an approved Samsonite Repair Center.  The best way to find the nearest repair center is to call 1-800-262-8282 or go to  You will be given the repair locations for casual bags, business cases and travel accessory repairs.  Another method is to return the item to any Samsonite Company Store where they will get it to an Authorized Repair Center.  There a determination will be made as the whether the item is under warranty and or repairable.  There is usually a fee required for shipping the item to the repair facililty.

The repair center will make the final judgment as to the status of your item and how it will be treated.  There are four possible conclusions the repair facility will make.  They include:

1.  Your item is covered under warranty and is economically repairable.  In this case your item will be repaired and returned to you.

2.  Your item is covered under the warranty but it is not economically repairable.  If a like item is in stock it will be sent directly to you at no cost.  If a comparable item is not available Samsonite will send you a letter of authorization to visit a Samsonite Store and select a like item.  This letter of authorization will come to you from the Samsonite Consumer Relations Department rather than the repair center.

3.  Your item is not covered under warranty but it is repairable.  Here you would be given the option of having the item repaired at your expense or having it returned to you unrepaired.

4. Your item is not covered under warranty and it is not repairable.  In this case there are two options, one is to have the repair facility dispose the item or have the repair facility return it to you unrepaired.

Samsonite's repair program is just as good as the quality of its products and service so you can buy a Samsonite Luggage Product with the confidence that the company will stand behind its products as you travel the world.