Samsonite Luggage Repair

How and where to get your Samsonite Luggage repaired

Samsonite Luggage Repair Parts

The entire Samsonite line of luggage products has a well deserved reputation for quality and service and is backed up by an excellent support system for repairs of its products when necessary and by an ample repair parts availability.  As with its primary products Samsonite luggage repair parts are made with only the best materials and processes so it is very important to always specify official Samsonite repair parts when repairs are necessary.

In the event your Samsonite business case, suitcase, luggage or bag needs repairs the company requests that you take it back to the store where it was purchased.  There the store personnel will take steps to get your problem resolved.  If it is not feasible to do this the next option is to take it to the nearest Samsonite luggage repair facility.  If that is not workable ship it to the nearest Samsonite retail store location.  Go here for the locations of Samsonite stores near you:

If you bought your Samsonite product online they have a very customer friendly policy.  In the event you Samsonite product was damaged or has defective parts call 1-800-765-BAGS (2247) and they will take care of the problem.  Go here for more of the Samsonite online orders return policy:

Ancillary items such as detachable soulder straps, padlocks for softside luggage, keys for hardside luggage and ID tags can be purchased at the Samsonite Customer Service Department on or off line.  Parts can be ordered by going to this site: or calling 1-800-262-8282 and selecting the "replacement parts" option.  This ordering service is available from 10:30am to 5:30pm Eastern Time.

Another option for obtaining repair parts is by going to or calling any Authorized Samsonite Luggage Repair Center.  Go here to find one near your location:

Luckily the probability of having to obtain repair parts for your Samsonite Luggage is fairly low but it is comforting to know the company has established a very reliable program to fulfill your needs.  This includes repair parts necessary as a result of damage to an item and those that enhance an already outstanding product.